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Thank you for your interest in the Hands-On Sewing Schools.

My name is Ricky Brooks (aka Candy Man), my wife Kay and I founded Hands-On Sewing Schools over a decade ago and we have always said the schools are the most fun we have ever experienced in the Home Sewing Industry.

Our goal is for every attendee to complete this beautiful Home Dec Project. This beautiful Home Sweet Home Holiday decorative pillow that will be a family heirloom that is cherished and handed down through generations. You will love all the different techniques, tips and tricks you will learn in the process of creating it, and your family will love the fact that is was made entirely by your hands. We will make sure no one leaves with an unfinished project. Everyone will also take home a wealth of knowledge that will enhance their enjoyment with their hobby, due to classes like the extensive detailed stabilizing solution class. They will also enjoy an amazing and entertaining presentation by Hope Yoder that will broaden everyone's perspective for embroidery and embellishing. Finally, they will be enrolled in a software education class based on the Sewing/Embroidery Software they are currently using. These classes will be taught by Industry Educators with years of experience in that particular brand of software training.

There will be several Hands-On Stitching Classes that every attendee will be registered for at this event:

Pillow Class 1

This pillow is completed all "in the hoop".  You will embroider and applique design with perfect applique pieces.  No gaps or fuzzy edges here!  We will even be doing a reverse applique technique in the hoop.

Pillow Class 2

Applying a zipper, batting and stippling in the hoop is a breeze with the embroidery machine.  Using the correct quilting tools will have you finishing the pillow in no time.

Last but not least, our FREE Gift Valued at over $399
Please see the details for each individual event for more information on the Free Gift.

Contents subject to change due to inventory

Gift includes Thread, Batting, and Quilt Patterns by Alex Anderson, Book (Collector’s Item) by Jenny Haskins, Thread Conversion Software, Designs, and more.

If you have explored our Hands-On Sewing School Website you have read what our attendees have said about our events, and I can assure you every attendee will leave these events saying "Where is the next Hands-On School?"

With warm regards,
Ricky Brooks, aka Candy Man

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