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Thank you for your interest in the Hands-On Sewing Schools. Below is more detailed information on this event, but first read what this attendee learned at our Binghamton Event in New York:

I had a great time at the Hands On Sewing School Event!
Thank you for bringing it to Binghamton NY! Even though I live in the Town of Binghamton, just :20 from the Hotel, I opted to stay because of the weather. I am so glad I did! I learned so much:

1. I really needed a class on stabilizers!

A. Kay Brooks was so helpful! I never know which stabilizer to use with certain fabrics!
B. I didn’t know there were that many stabilizers or how to use them!

They gave us a dvd of her class that we can always go to as well as a nice chart of stabilizers and how to use them. I Now, can confidently, embroider better with this knowledge.

2. I really needed a class on the Scan N Cut!

A. Hope Yoder was Amazing! Her software program, Create N Cut is a “must have”! Now I don’t ruin my mats guessing the number on the dial!
B. I also bought her “ Scan N Cut settings, tips and tricks” booklet and CD! This was very, very helpful.

3. Trevor was very Knowledgable on the Floriani software! There never was a boring moment! I loved how he made his class user friendly, talking with us; not at us, but very detailed at the same time.

4. Kathi was fun and always uplifting! Her class on the Brother Dream Machine was fun! She and her aids were right there to help those having a hard time while keeping us all on track.

5. Ricky Brooks IS the Candy Man!
As he would literally dump handfuls of candy in front of you on your table!
When I told him that I couldn’t eat chocolate, he came back with a substitute for me! How very thoughtful and kind!

Thank you again for having this event!

Some day soon I will be purchasing the Floriani TC U digitizing software!

Alisa Paoletti, on www.facebook.com/FlorianiEmbroidery

Thank you for your interest in the Hands-On Sewing Schools.

My name is Ricky Brooks (aka Candy Man), my wife Kay and I founded Hands-On Sewing Schools over a decade ago and we have always said the schools are the most fun we have ever experienced in the Home Sewing Industry.

Under the direction of the Funny and Entertaining Kathi Quinn, each of our attendees will stitch and complete one of these beautiful panels each day, and each will leave with the completed Holiday Banner Project that is sure to be a family treasure that brings “JOY” into your household for generations to come. You will love all the different techniques, tips and tricks you will learn in the process of creating it, and your family will love the fact that is was made entirely by your hands. We will make sure no one leaves with an unfinished project. Everyone will also take home a wealth of knowledge that will enhance their enjoyment with their hobby, due to classes like the extensive detailed stabilizing solution class. Finally, they will be enrolled in a software education class that will enhance whatever Sewing/Embroidery Software they are currently using. These classes will be taught by the Guru of Embroidery Software, Trevor Conquergood of Saskatoone, CA. And Hope Yoder will be back with more amazing digital cutting classes!

Last but not least, each attendee will be awarded with our FREE Attendee Gift Valued at over $399

If you have explored our Hands-On Sewing School Website you have read what our attendees have said about our events, and I can assure you every attendee will leave these events saying "Where is the next Hands-On School?"

With warm regards,
Ricky Brooks, aka Candy Man

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