What People Are Saying About Hands On® Sewing Schools
Patricia A. Reagan Swatzell, December 2017 attendee
“One more fun day of the R&K Hands on School Event in Pigeon Forge, TN! Even saw snow today! Special Thanks to all the Awesome instructors teaching and helping the many folks from all over. Food was great and of course the visit from the Candy Man each day! Tomorrow is our last day and Trevor will be teaching software and will learn more about the new Dream Machine! Even won some fantastic prizes. Kudos to all! We love you KathI!”
Lisa Reinhard Dangler, December 2017 attendee
“Hands on Sewing is the best workshop I have been to in a long time. Getting re-energized for embroidery again!”
I had a great time at the Hands On Sewing School Event!
Thank you for bringing it to Binghamton NY! Even though I live in the Town of Binghamton, just :20 from the Hotel, I opted to stay because of the weather. I am so glad I did! I learned so much:

1. I really needed a class on stabilizers!

A. Kay Brooks was so helpful! I never know which stabilizer to use with certain fabrics!
B. I didn’t know there were that many stabilizers or how to use them!

They gave us a dvd of her class that we can always go to as well as a nice chart of stabilizers and how to use them. I Now, can confidently, embroider better with this knowledge.

2. I really needed a class on the Scan N Cut!

A. Hope Yoder was Amazing! Her software program, Create N Cut is a “must have”! Now I don’t ruin my mats guessing the number on the dial!
B. I also bought her “ Scan N Cut settings, tips and tricks” booklet and CD! This was very, very helpful.

3. Trevor was very Knowledgable on the Floriani software! There never was a boring moment! I loved how he made his class user friendly, talking with us; not at us, but very detailed at the same time.

4. Kathi was fun and always uplifting! Her class on the Brother Dream Machine was fun! She and her aids were right there to help those having a hard time while keeping us all on track.

5. Ricky Brooks IS the Candy Man!
As he would literally dump handfuls of candy in front of you on your table!
When I told him that I couldn’t eat chocolate, he came back with a substitute for me! How very thoughtful and kind!

Thank you again for having this event!

Some day soon I will be purchasing the Floriani TC U digitizing software!

Alisa Paoletti, on www.facebook.com/FlorianiEmbroidery
We had so much fun in Lansdale, PA at the Hands On Sewing Weekend. Thank you Ricky and Kay for a great experience. A special thank you to Debbie From Byrnes Sewing for sponsoring the event. If you get a chance to go, GO - you will learn so much.
Nancy Richards Fisher
Spending a wonderful three days with Rickie Brooks and the Hands on sewing group in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Learning a lot. Using wonderful Brother machines provides by the company.
Having tons of fun with all the folks this weekend in Lansdale PA. Loved Kay, Rickie, Cookie, Kathy, Debra and Hope...You are all very special!! Thank you to everyone...
Donna Syx
Laughing and learning #handsonsewing. What a wonderful group of teachers and staff!!!
Nancy Lee
#handsOnSewingSchool in PA. Had a wonderful time, met great people and tried to adsorb all the info that was presented. Oh and all the chocolate. Kudos to the TEAM. Came away renewed and ready to sew.
Just wanted to thank you again for the great weekend at #Handsonsewingschool! I had a fantastic time and learned a lot, including how to finish this quilt I've been working on for the past six months. It was a fabulous event, look for us at another one...this time with more friends! Your staff are the warmest, friendliest and most helpful group and `The Donnas' really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to making our trip so worthwhile. Loved it! Thank you!!
Thank you so much for providing the DREAM machines for this past weekend's #Handsonsewingschool event in Lansdale, PA......we had a great time learning about your fabulous machines! I`m looking forward to seeing one in MY sewing room!

Facebook is a buzz about the Hands On Sewing School this past weekend (11/9-11/11) in Alexandria, Virginia!

Loved spending the weekend with RNK Distributing and their Educators! Learned so much and have many new products to play with when I get home.
Anita Sullivan Gossett

Having a great time and learning so much at Hands On Sewing School. These machines are a “Dream” to use!
Sherry Wineberg Gebhard

Learning all about embroidery. What a great at the Sewing School in Alexandria VA. So much knowledge shared and technologies I didn’t know existed. Woo hoo!
Bj Lindley Trainor

Having a ball at the hands on sewing retreat. Make sure you attend the Thursday evening reception.
Jackie Brown Spiker

Anyone and everyone should attend their weekend classes! FUN FUN FUN!!!
Debi Garcia Cross

Having a blast and learning lots at the Hands on Sewing School - and Cookie is fabulous!
Ronnie Hynes

This was my first Hands On Sewing School event, and I had a great time. Everything was well-planned, and I appreciated having 1 person per machine. Once I got past the learning curve of the new machine, it was smooth sailing. Kay is truly an expert with stabilizers, and I learned a lot from her. Thanks for such a great 3 days!
Rosemary Hannigan
I just want to say this was the best 3 days I have ever had. So organized, Did not have to share the machine. Everyone had there own. I learned soooooo much, everyone was soooo nice, lots of prices, even tho I did not win. :( maybe next time, yes I would go again! Thank you to Judy & Rob for doing this too. Had a wonderful time.
Judy Work
I attended the Burlington NJ School this weekend and I really loved the new Sewing School format. Breaking up the time between sewing and lectures avoided that burn out feeling from a full day of sewing. Kay, Hope, and Judy were fantastic teachers. I loved Angel's FTCU training. We learned a lot, got to sew two great projects, and still had time for shopping!! Thank you so much.
Luella Rossi
I've attended an event where we had to share machines in the past and feel that allowing each student her own machine was a much better format.
Margaret Pemberton
I enjoyed Hands On Sewing in Burlington, NJ. It was my second Hands On Sewing experience. I'll do it again. I learned many new things and used a top of the line Brother Dream Machine. The instructors were knowledgeable and there were many helpers to help you keep up with the pace of the classes.
Sue Tarzaiski
This was the first Hands On Sewing Schools Event I ever attended and must admit it will not be the last. It was an exciting, fun filled 3 day event. Lots of learning, lots of hands on, and lots of laughter. I went with a friend but made new friends and new acquaintances. Every attendee had their own individual machine, their own supplies and an ample workstation; plus, we rotated between stitching and lecture/demo. I also finished two beautiful projects in-class. I will join their next event in a heartbeat! :-) Thank you EVERYONE for such a wonderful time. Look forward to seeing you in the future.
Pat Walker
Just wanted to let you know how much fun your sewing school in Mount Holly NJ was. I hope to attend another event closer to the Boston area.
Jean Guarino
I just wanted to say THANK YOU All for putting this wonderful event together for us. Had a wonderful time , learned a lot, made new friends, brought home oddles of new "stuff" to use, nice projects, great teachers and angels, laughed and plenty of chocolate!!!!! Could not ask for anything better!!!! Hope to meet you again sometime and God Bless!!!!!:-) :-) :-) :-)
Judie Quigley
Dear Rick and cohorts,
I had a wonderful time at the school. I learned an awful lot. I really enjoyed the classes, both hands on and lecture. I am no longer afraid of my digitizing software and was amazed to learn that Deborah Jones is my next street neighbor we live way out in the country. Thank you for a wonderful time and great exerience. I will be back.
Terri Le Vasseur
Terrell Tx
Dear Rick and Kay,
Thank you for providing such a wonderful week in Baton Rouge. I came alone so I was a little uncomfortable at first and worried if I would have a good time. I need not have worried. I had a great time and felt comfortable right away. The activities and instructors were wonderful and the food was outstanding. I don’t know a whole lot about my hotel room because I spent so very little time there, something you so thoughtfully made sure of.
Thank you again for all of your hard work orchestrating the Hands On® Sewing School!
Virgillia Radnovich
All of you deserve a big THANK YOU!!!! Baton Rouge was a wonderful experience! I enjoyed the Orlando school, and was expecting a similar experience, but all the stops were pulled out for Baton Rouge. The classes and instructors were fabulous as were the materials used for hands on. Special thanks to Rick, Kay and John. Your efforts on our behalf did not go unnoticed. I really love the Suzanne Hinshaw embroidery I received as a prize and couldn't have chosen anything more desirable. Thank you for going ahead with this school despite all the odds. Katrina, certainly threw bricks at the program, but you persevered and brought us all together for a joyful time. The fellowship was super and felt by all. The video put it all together. The techniques learned will be appreciated every time my machines are turned on.
Jo Ann Kotlarczyk
I just experience one of the best vacations of my life. 4 great days on sewing, learning new techniques and spending time with people who love to sew. Thank you "Hands on sewing schools" I look forward to doing this again next year and many years to come.
Martha Turner
Harvey, LA
Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed the Orlando school. I say we, because my husband benefited in many ways. He has increased his sewing arts language and because he purchased all of my machines and software over 40 years as surprise gifts for me he is confident his choices were on the cutting edge of technology. Your school was so impressive it took me weeks to catch up on my sleep as I was running day and night in attempts to use all of my new knowledge. Everything was so perfect! I don't know how you do it. Because we travel full-time I have opportunity to check out many areas and your school beats them all in quality and cost. I don't know how you do it, but I'm rested and ready to come again. So Rick and Kay, I'll follow your programs and hopefully can attend again soon.
Jo Ann and Steve Kotlarczy
Hi, Walt and Sherry!
I just wanted to THANK YOU again for last week in Bloomington. What a GREAT experience, and what a delight to meet you, both. You two gave so much to the Seminar, and taught me so very much, I will never be able to thank you appropriately.
In about one hour my son and I are "hitting the road" for a long weekend visiting one of his college choices for an "overnight." While he is going to class, and staying overnight in the dorm, I will be"holed-up" in my B&B with my laptop, playing with my Floriani workbook, and trying to "learn from the master!" I think it will be great FUN! Hopefully, in the not too distant future I will have some "homework" to e-mail you, Walt. I will learn how to become a "Floriani digitizer" with a certificate, by gosh and by golly! (But I warn you, I am a VERY SLOW learner. You will need a tall bottle of Scotch before I am done with you! )
And thank you for creating some honest-to-goodness, viable embroidery stabilizer! Nothing else will ever pass over my new Innovis' machine plate, or kiss one of my needles!
Speaking which, your thread is excellent...like "butta."
Hope you two have a good time in Williamsburg; it was a pleasure to have you both enter my life.
God Bless,
Susann Carlson
Kay and Ricky,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the best week of my life. Everything was so well organized and well run. All of the educatorsyou had were so inspiring. I learned so much. It was so hard tocome back to work on Monday and not be able to stay home and ‘play’.
I have never listened or learned so much from anyone like I feel Idid from Walter Floriani. I have yet to do any digitizing; howeverafter his class I KNOW I can do it. Suzann Hinshaw’s ShadowEmbroider is BEAUUUTIFUL. I purchase several of her design kits andhope to do a lot of her work. Everyone taught me so much, and sowell prepared.
All of the kits that were prepared for us to do in class were morethen I every expected! Everyone that was teaching were soknowledgeable in what they did. I am so looking forward to doingmore and expanding on what I learned.
Anytime I met you or anyone from your staff or the staff fromCreative Sewing Center I was always greeted with a smile a hello andasked if I was enjoying myself. I felt that everything was sopersonalized!!
Thank you again, I hope to attend another one of your conferences. If you have one in MN or near, I WILL be there!!!
Keep up the good work,
Gail Wellendorf
Ortonville MN
Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had at your seminar in Williamsburg. Several of us that attended your classes couldn't wait to show our local Brother Club Members what they missed, they are most anxious to hear about any upcoming seminars in our area. We had to show off our beautiful Floriani thread or as Southerners it became the gorgeously beautiful Floriani thread. All of the instructors generously shared their knowledge of embroidery and taught in a friendly and caring manner. It was fun to have the instructors sit at our table for lunch so we could learn even more techniques. Can't wait to do it again. Thanks to R&K, Tidewater Sew & Vac and Brother and all the instructors.
Susan Quigley
I attended the "Hands on Sewing School" last week in Bloomington andwould recommend it in a second to anyone who has a desire to learn moreabout embroidery or using an embroidery machine. I purchased my machinea year ago and learned more in the last four days than in the previous11 months. I can't tell you how valuable the school was for me.
The schedule was superb! When I read the brochure and saw that youwere allowing two hours each day for lunch and dinner, I thought "what awaste of time this will be." Little did I know how important those twohours would be. This time gave everyone a chance to finish up onprojects that may have taken a little longer and still allowed everyonetime to eat.
My very favorite part of the school was the "Hands on Classes." Whodoesn't love bringing home a new project? And we were able to completefour entirely different projects in the four days! Having the helpersassist the teacher certainly was a key element in the classes running sosmoothly and everyone completing each project. The lectures wereinvaluable. It's funny how fast time flies when you have a passion forsomething.
One suggestion - I did not have a chance to fill out the survey. Itwould be nice if you could provide the survey on-line and give all achance to fill it out when they have returned home. I give the Schooland EXCELLENT rating on everything.
I hope you will have more schools in Minnesota and I look forward tobeing able to attend again. Thank you.
Ronnie Slager
I just returned from a "Hands on Sewing workshop" in MN and I am compelled to tell you what a great time I had. The conference had great classes and expert teachers along with 'helpers' in each hands on class. This enabled everyone to have individual attention if needed.(which I used many times).The conference was organized so well, time for everything, included fun and social time with new friends. Rick and his wife, (sorry I can't think of her name) were always available, checking to make sure things were running smoothly and of course, passing out chocolate for all. The lunches were great and door prices were given out every day! The only thing R and K could have done to make it more comfortable was to tuck us into bed every night and I'm sure, if we asked, they would have done that too! I hope that many more Hands on Sewing schools will be coming to our area.
Thanks again,
Kathy Kelly
I just want to say that I had the best 5 days ever!!!! I met new friends and the information was just flowing out my ears by the time I got back home. I did not want to go to my "regular" job on Monday, I wanted to stay home and play. Please, Please, Please bring back Lyn Christian next time. I learned so much from her. I finally was able to digitize a design that was not "bullet-proof" and it stitched out wonderfully with no jump stitches. And Fred was just a wealth of information. I need to take his lecture again just to hear the stuff I missed because I was so amazed. I am definitely doing this again next year!!
Thanks again,
Jo Savino
Sandwich, IL
Hi Rick and Kay,
I came expecting a great time and received even more. Having been to several schools in Knoxville, I was prepared for the format and it was exciting. The list of teachers was and is awesome. With Susan Hinshaw, I got the last remaining class in heirloom sewing I have been wanting to take. Shadow work is so dainty and beautiful. I can't believe the method is so easy. Susan's fantastic and her work and teaching skills are great. I cannot believe that Nancy Prince has accomplished so much in 4 years. That class was an eye-opener. I loved it and will do more of it. Linda McGehee is always great. I had the first class from her in Knoxville with Best. Loved the project. This was my first time with Cindy Losekamp. I wasn't as familiar with her work but I recognized the name. Her project was just plain fun. All the lecture classes were informative. We were given more hints and tips than you would get in a room full of books. The stabilizer class with Kay and Fred was wonderful. I have been hooping completely wrong. Kay you have saved many of my future projects. Fred's inventiveness is superb. I will be using Floriani stabilizers hands down from now on. Speaking of Floriani, Walters' love for and knowledge of embroidery is out of this world. The man truly loves what he does and sharing so freely his knowledge is a blessing for all he teaches. I could go on and on but this is long enough. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience and thanks to the Tidewater crew for being such good hosts.
Carol Mathews
Rock Spring, Ga
Hello! I attended the Williamsburg Hands On Sewing Class, and was just amazed at all that was offered. We had excellent instructors, and they really cared about what they were teaching. The hours were long, but they sped by. How can you have so much fun, and still be learning? If you are sitting on the fence, trying to decide whether to go to the seminar near you (or not so near -- I even met a lady who had traveled all the way from Texas specifically to be there!), don't hesitate for another minute! Sign up!! You won't regret it!!!! I'm already trying to figure out which seminar I'll be going to next. And we had a little extra excitement in Williamsburg -- April Fool's Day was during the seminar. Ask Ricky about drawing for the door prizes on April Fool's Day!!
Jeanie Wright
Chesapeake, VA
Hello, I recently attended your sewing school in Orlando, Florida. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this experience. I look forward to attending future conferences when they are in a somewhat nearby area.
I was delighted and pleased to have my Mola jacket receive first prize in the embellishment category. It was quite an honor to have my work viewed and selected by my peers.
I would like to get a copy of the picture that was taken at the time of the award, but I have not been able to view it on the internet. Can you send me instructions on how I might get this picture?
Thank you again for a most delightful, instructional learning experience.
Donna C. Hayward
Dear Rick, Kay and Sheila:
I have recently retired and decided I wanted to "buff up" some of my sewing skills and learn some new techniques after a long absence from my machine. The description of your school looked like it might be a good place to start.
Good doesn't begin to describe this wonderful four day emersion into the current state of the sewing world. I have never had four days escape my life as fast as these did! All of the staff involved were warm, willing to solve any problem quickly and always knowledgeable. Most of all, I was inspired to go home and really use what I have learned and have that knowledge serve as the base for more growth. What more could you ask? I even got enough chocolate!
Thanks to all your staff for the hard work you all put forward to make my experience so exciting. I am looking forward to seeing you again next year.
Linda M. Kielas
Dear Ricky, Kay and Sheila,
It's back to the world of cleaning and dusting,dirty dishes and walking the dog. But it is so much easier now because of the wonderful memories you helped me make at the Tampa school last week. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have never attended any kind of seminar that I enjoyed as much as yours. The teachers were wonderful, the sewers were friendly, the food was fabulous, Charlie and his staff were helpful and all of the above attributes plus so many more apply to you. I truly cannot say enough good things. I especially appreciated seeing you three from early morning to late at night-always looking for ways to help. Usually the "big wigs" are no where to be found in the meetings and getting an answer to any question is a challenge. I realized this thank you has rambled a bit, but whenever I think of the week, I just burst with excitement. I hope that I will be able to attend another Hands on Sewing School. Then I can give you another kiss- on the cheek of course.
With a big smile on my face,
Selma Pringle
Just a note to say goodbye and thank you to all the folks who worked to make our week in Houston so memorable, and to all the other conference attendees who we enjoyed getting to know. I've been to many conferences in my life time, but this one has to be right up there at the top in terms of smooth operations, level of information provided, and above all, the friendly hospitality that Sam and I enjoyed. We're spending the evening with my youngest daughter who lives in Houston, and my new granddog. The two dogs have had a nice time playing together. We'll be flying out in the morning and it will be good to get back home to see the rest of the family. Thanks again to everyone for their hospitality and humor and willingness to share information and enthusiasm for machine embroidery. Sam really hated to leave. Many thanks as well to those who offered to share their rooms with this last minute registrant, and especially to Corrine who actually had to put up with us. ;>
All good wishes, Sue Matthews ~ Hillsboro, OR
How wonderful that this will be YOUR event!!!! I attended the IN. conference twice coming from CA and loved it! Always wished there were more here in the Chicago area and now that we've bought a condo here for Summer/Fall, our wishes are granted!!!!! Now, let's get something going on the Central Coast of CA.....VBG!!!!
Best wishes and see ya soon.........
Ditto Nesbitt
Hi all, If I remember correctly, some weeks ago someone on this list asked about the sewing/embroidery conferences organized by http://www.handsonsewingschools.com/ ( hope the question was on this list!!!). I have just returned home from their Phoenix conference ( held Tues-Sat last week). I was one of the teachers at this event & from a teacher's point of view it was one of, if not the best, organized event of this kind. All of the attendees I talked with felt that the classes & instruction were excellent.
Hope this helps the person who was asking about them.
Monica in Toronto, Canada.
Dear Rick, Kay and Sheila,
This is Marylyn Reagan. I returned home exhausted, but thrilled with all the new things I learned and the great "deals" that I purchased. I want to thank you all for the wonderful experience that you provided. I have had the opportunity, over the years, to coordinate and produce conferences, and I know the work that is involved in gathering all the talent you put together so successfully. God bless you for this....
...Again, thank you so very much. God bless you all in all future endeavors. Say a prayer for me once in a while, as all of you are in mine.
Marylyn Reagan
Reflecting back to last week I realize that the week was one filled with fun and a lot of learning. The classes by Monica Anderson and also Walter Floriani were awesome! All the other teachers were also excellent.
The kits for the hands on classes were beyond anyone's expectation.The projects were wonderful and a great experience to work with the sewing consultants. The Mulqueen's were great hosts and offered a great store to spend all my money.
This school is a reflection of wonderful planning and a great consulting firm to put on a school of this quality.
My thanks to you for providing this type of sewing conference to those interested in sewing and embroidery. I hope that this will be an annual school in the Phoenix area.
Lynda Lund < lundfam @ infomagic.net
Just wanted to reply with a big thanks to you all for working so hard to let us enjoy ourselves. It was wonderful. Next time I'll stay at the hotel instead of driving every day. A couple of extra minutes of sleep would have helped. We learn from experience........
Thanks again,
Jill O'Brien
Dear Ricky, Kay, and Sheila,
I cannot express what a wonderful time I had at the Chicago Sewing Conference. As this was my first sewing conference experience, I was very unsure of what to expect. And, I had never heard of "Hands-on Sewing School" or RandK Consulting before, either! It was lucky for me that the conference was in your very capable hands. Not a thing was left to chance! The hotel, the food, the classes..... everything was wonderful. If ever I am able to attend another sewing conference, I will look first to see if RandK Consulting has anything to do with it, because I know from experience that if the names RandK are involved, it WILL be excellent. Thank you for a job well done, and a conference worth much more than the fee charged... I will certainly be watching to see what will be offered in the future! Thanks again for a great time.
Lori Travis