Shinae Farra

Introducing Shinae Farrar of Southbridge, Massachusetts, National Educational Coordinator for RNK Distributing Floriani Division. Shinae was not new to sewing, quilting, or embroidery when she joined the Floriani Team. In fact she began her love of sewing as a young girl playing with her mother’s sewing machine at the age of 9 and occasionally assisted her grandmother with the use of her treadle machine. Shinae’s mother soon realized her daughter had a unique creative ability and gift when it came to sewing. Eventually she began working in a quilt shop and that was when her passion for sewing truly flourished. Almost instantly Shinae advanced from making clothes to quilting, but when she was introduced to embroidery, she knew she had found her passion in life! Soon she had a home based embroidery business, where she could challenge her creative ability almost daily. This is where she discovered Floriani Products, and fell in love with Floriani Quality. In only a short amount of time she joined the Floriani Team of Professional Educators helping to share the news of how Floriani had helped her perfect her embroidery process. Today, Shinae travels coast to coast helping people who love to sew, quilt, and embroider make their hobby more fun and with less stress. When she is not on the road, she is busy being mom to 4 children that are her pride and joy.

You will absolutely love Shinae’s down to earth, never met a stranger personality (which she attributes to her mom), and you will be amazed by her creativity. Join her educational event for a very uplifting and inspiring class that will leave you with new ideas to make your hobby more enjoyable.